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For any information regarding the matters dealt with in this website, you can call our representative office in Pescara (Operating Center of Pescara ) at: +39 0855771 (fax +39 085 52145)from 9 am to 4 pm, or, otherwise, you can send an e-mail to the following address:  
If you are a non-EU VAT operator already registered to “Special Scheme” through the Italian service V@T on E-Services, don’t forget to indicate in your e-mail your assigned VAT Identification number


In compliance with the Council Directive 2008/8/EC of 2008 February, 12th the period of application of the Value Added Tax System applicable to radio and television broadcasting services and to certain electronically supplied services has been extended to 2009, on December 31th and VAT arrangements will become definitive from 2010 on January, 1st.

For the regular running of V@t on e-services, we remind you that:

  • The operators registered to the service  have to apply VAT Special Scheme also to the providing of electronic services to private consumers resident in one of the new Member states;
  • The operators registered to the service before 2007, on  January 1st  because established in one of the states which are becoming members of the EU are excluded from the VAT Special Scheme because not anymore non EU operators since  2007, on  January 1st;

All non EU operators supplying services by means of electronic equipment to private consumers resident in one of the new Member states can adhere to the VAT Special Scheme.

On 2013 July 1st, Croatia will join European Union, then EU Member States will be 28.